Keeping In Touch

Christmas Eve I sent out a flurry of emails and Y360 messages. Warm responses came back over the next day and a half. It's nice to be able to stay in touch like this. And yet...

And yet, I know about half of my learners don't have access to the internet. Short of money and/or social network support, they're out of reach until class resumes and they return. If they return.

I so wish that the internet were more affordable. Like local phone service, it is something our society has decided is important, but will not provide as a free public service. Along with the rising costs of local phone service, the disappearance of publicly accessible payphone booths, and the steady decrease of local postal services, internet provision and services seem to separate us as often as they connect us.

Business provides a bad model for how to run a successful community: business leaders ought not be given the job of governing us all.

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