All For The Kids

This was announced in January of this year, but I just saw it. The Ministries of Education and Advanced Education in the Province of British Columbia announced a $27 million plan to "improve reading" (Press Release, Jan. 26, 2007).

The plan claimed to have four main objectives, but a quick glance at where the money went shows the priority.

Of the $27 million, $20.5 million went to create early learning program for pre-school and school aged children, as well as for resources and staff training.

$5.5 million
- about 20% - went into promotion of literacy (and the B.C. government) through the creation of DVDs, booklets, websites, a reading hotline, and a project to "help Literacy Now address community literacy needs around B.C."(which I take to mean surveys, evaluations, reports and assessments).

$1 million went to "expand community-based adult literacy programs for learners at the lowest literacy levels", which "includes workplace learning".

So, the adults were be given a little bit of help - and less than 4% of the money - so they could get jobs or become better employees, while the rest of the money goes to help the state train and equip program staff to raise their children for them.

Sounds a lot like how we do things back East.

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