At the library

Computer work isn't the only thing we do at the library. It's still very much a traditional, wholistic literacy program. Yes, yes. I know the word is "holistic". But the other way makes more sense: we don't pray, but we do learn as whole people. And when we can, we sit around and share a decent book.

Grown adults reading aloud!?! you say. Yeah, actually. Here's how one of the guys in class puts it:

I like group reading because it draws the class closer together. I like the new class we are in because it is big and quiet. I feel comfortable around my class mates. It's nice to meet new people and learn together. I'm glad we have 15 minute break because it gives me time to get a drink and cirgarette.


literacies publisher said...

Ah yes - a big quiet classroom - to dream the impossible dream.

A great description - I can picture it in my head.

Wendell said...

In fact, the room is smaller than the previous one this learner experienced. That he thinks it's "bigger" says something aout the non-physical factors which go into the creation of an appropriate learning space for adults.