Computers and Learning: Another Return

This is from the Y360! blogsite of a member of my local adult learning group. We took the digital photo of her working in Wordpad on our group's computer at the library.

The writing, editing and re-writing took her about 2.5 hours over 3 tries. When she was satisfied with her work, I helped her copy the text file and photo on to a diskette.

To keep the image file small enough for a 1.44 mb disk, I saved it as a scaled-down bitmap file, which I later converted back to a .jpg for up-loading. This was a complicated procedure, made more so by problems with the library's computers and an over-helpful librarian. In the end, I did most of it for her, which left her somewhat disengaged and unempowered. (Notice that learning more about using diskettes is one of her goals.) However, she did sign up independently for a public internet-access computer, and up-loaded text and image to her blog with a minimum of assistance.
I use the computers four times a week. I use the computers at the library. I think I improve my writing and reading on the computer by putting stories in it. I write to my classmates on the computer. I write stories and use floppy disks. I can set up the computer. I can use the menu to find the programs. I can change the wallpaper on the computer. I can paint pictures on the computer. I am learning how to put pictures on a webpage. I can go to different parts on the webpage. I learned most of this stuff this year.

I would like to learn how to change the pictures and the styles on my webpage. I am getting better at getting into my 360 blog, looking to see who wrote to me, and writing back to them. I think I could learn how to use a floppy disk with some files on it. I don't have a computer because I can't afford one. I sure would like to have one of my own.

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