Be Careful With People

I was reading, in the Globe and Mail, about the health report on sterilization problems in Alberta's East Central Health region. I don't believe everything I read in the Globe. I'm also no fan of the recent Albertan government's taxation and spending philosophy. Even so, my first thought was of the doctors and nurses who, apparently, were willing to collude in a variety of outrageous shortcuts. The story read "medical equipment was being used even though items had traces of blood and tissue on them." Is that true? How does a health professional do that?

Today, it was hot in town. It was nothing to put in the record books - 30 degrees (that's 85 f.) - but it was the warmest day so far this summer. There was some humidity and no wind, so it felt a little warmer still. In the housing neighbourhood, a few families got the wading pools out. And then housing staff drove around and made them put the pools away. You see, pools are against policy. Letting your kid sit in 12 inches of water on your front lawn will get you evicted from the Province of New Brunswick's largest public housing neighbourhood.

How you get there? How did we get here?

There is an independence on the internet. Its not a kind place. Its not a substitute for human community. But it is an independent place.

On the ground, there are too few places where community - and so, community literacy - can grow free of the civil servants and human-care professionals who... I don't know... just don't seem to like people.

My adult learning group, hosted quietly by my public library, and my tenuous thread of internet contacts, are my attempt to nurture human, humane community, as well as scaffold literacy independence within that community. It's hard to do without money, of course. But, then, its hard to do with money, too.

Guess this post isn't about anything. Tell you the truth, I'm a little bewildered.

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