This Discipline of Daily Writing

The message said "Hi Wendell, I just tagged you...."

Hmmm... says I.

According to the big brains, getting tagged with (by? as?) a web-based meme is a form of social networking and network promotion. The term "meme" refers to the virus-like way digital content can spread from site to sites. Apparently "meme" is a biology term of some kind. I dunno nothing about that. I was a theology major with a passion for political economy and guitars and babes.

I think memes online are interesting, because they are a testament to the challenge of regular posting.

Fact is, its hard work thinking up something witty or worthy every day. If a blog is going to be more than just daily whining, authors need tools for filling in the dry spells. Lots of bloggers re-post or summarize and reference someone else's content. Some post short video segments or unexpected photographs. Some claim to be going on vacation (yeah, right - like you Ever really leave the internet). And lots gratefully flag down passing memes, offering 5 or 7 or 8 "things you didn't know about me" or whatever.

In the middle of June, a small burst of adult literacy-coach blogsites appeared, and then went silent. I'm thinking somebody somewhere had an interactive workshop to introduce these coaches to blogging. Then, everybody went home.

I was sorry for that. Sorry because I actually wanted to hear from these folks. Sorry, too, that they missed out on the challenge of daily writing.

"Write every day," we tell them - our students, learners, tutorees. "If you want to get better at reading and writing, then you need to do it every day." That's what we says. Then we go to the staffroom or home and complain, "They don't want to write."

Yeah, well, its hard, this discipline of daily writing.

I'm not going to participate in this particular meme. No disrespect intended - I just... well, its just not what I want my blog to look like or be or something.

But I will watch memes and read memes. And I'm already planning to use one or two in the classroom.

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