"class is joyful when there is more people"

I am no longer hosting an adult learning group at our public library.

There are different reasons for my quitting the program. Chief among them, usage was way down - on several nights it was just myself and one other person - and there was no one coming to work on their basic literacy/numeracy skills. My Summer, daytime job often leaves me worn out by evening. The group has been running for almost two years without a substantial break. All in all, it just felt like it was time to stop, step back, reflect.

I asked other members of the group - those that were still coming - to reflect as well. Here's what one wrote:

I started coming to class to meet new people in a positive environment and make new friends. I continued to come to class because the people were nice to associate with and I felt needed and safe to be myself without worrying about what people thought. It really helped with a lot of issues I was dealing with and my self-esteem went way up. I learned a lot of new stuff and met a lot of interesting people.

But then everything changed and I stopped coming because of personal problems outside of the class. I then realised that I missed the class and I started thinking about the people here so I came back. I knew in my heart that for the first time I felt safe in the room and, actually, in the whole library even though it was full of people.

My only wish is that I would like to see more people cause it gets lonely with only 2 or 3 people there. The class is joyful when there is more people because there's more laughs.

My heart is saddened to see class end but hopefully it will start up again and there will be new people faces and a lot more laughs. Come and enjoy.

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