So, this banker is musing about social network technology (Aug 21)and its character and implications for his work. Then, his thoughts get picked up by Teemu Arina who writes an article on "horizontal learning" (Aug 22) in the company blog of Dicole, a software company specializing in "social software, consultation and related support services for organizations adopting digital knowledge working environments." Teemu Arina references the article in her own blogsite (Aug 22). Judy Breck picks Arina's ideas up for Smart Mobs (Sept 5), and Breck's post is highlighted in the Centre for Teaching and Learning Innovation blog posted on (Sept 6). And that's where I notice it.

By now, the banker's been lost and Teemu has undergone a gender shift... but the ideas slipped and slid through. And comments were made. Bits and pieces added. Okay, it's not ground shaking. Not great art and literature. Nobody's gonna pass a law.

But here's the thing. Twenty minutes ago, I was commenting on a post (Sept 11) by Karin Dalziel, a library IS student, about the relative merits of blogging vs journal publishing. Well, no journal article will ever have the quick, hand-to-hand immediacy of that post (those posts) on horizontal learning.

There is an accidental community, a conversation by default, that happens on the web. Something a banker said made me think, write about my class. Isn't that neat!?! Don't you just love it?

Well, bucko... I sure do!

P.s., I came to Ms. Dalziel's post via John Miedema's blog.

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BoHarald said...

I ("this banker" - actually retired and moved into e-business/IT) found my way to your blog - further proof that this next-to-instant sharing and commenting is a phenomena that is really there. Its implications are already huge as you say - and will grow. I found it fascinating.

Bo Harald