Facebook (weary sigh)

Do you remember the early days, when porn was everywhere on the web? You'd try for the NALD website, but if you used the suffix .com instead of .ca, you found yourself staring at Korean women without any clothes own... as your female co-workers paused to stare at you...

Lots of those sites had this thing where - not that I've been on lots of those sites!!! Listen, anybody can get lost!!!

ANYway... they had this trap-door thing where you hit the "Back 1 page" arrow, and the porn page would just reload.

Back -- reload same page. (Co-workers stare unblinking.)

I'm talking about this because I was on a friend's Facebook, and wanted to write on their Wall. She had this big "FunWall" thing there, so I said okay I'll use that. And it said try this fancy editor, and I said, okay, and clicked it...

... and went to a page where I could sign up for the FunWall application.

Well, no. Actually. I don't want this application. So I click the "back arrow".

The FunWall page just reloads.

Hmmm.... Try again. Back -- reloads the same page.

A trap. How charming. How very 1990s.

I've been Not Talking about the ads on Facebook. (Yes, there are ads on other services, but they don't show up in my news feeds.) I've accepted the long load times. I know the reason I have all these "Join Here", "Tickle Me", "Buy That", "Look At This RIGHT NOW" requests from friends on my front page is because... well, their my friends.

But really, trap door apps?

If it wasn't for my dear old Mom being on Facebook....

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