Happy International Literacy Day

In Canada we celebrate International literacy Day with the Canada Post Community Literacy Awards. One award category is "educator" and, from East to West, here are some of our communities are saying about the winners for 2007:

Lillian Moores Grand Falls-Windsor NL
In her 15 years as an instructor and advocate for adult literacy, Lillian has not only helped individual students, but has also developed and delivered train-the-trainer courses in English as a Second Language. She also helped produce a video to promote literacy, and serves on the Boards of Laubach Literacy and Literacy Newfoundland Labrador.
Yay, Lillian!!!

Gail Gagnon Rigaud QC
A former volunteer tutor who also served on the Board of Literacy Unlimited, Gail now teaches literacy classes for adults. She delights in helping adults learners feel special, and in 2006, she took her English Plus students to the Montreal International Literacy Festival, where they performed a multi-lingual symphony of words on the theme of peace.
A symphony!?!? Wow.

Pat Powell Woodview ON
Under Pat’s guidance, the Peterborough Native Learning Program has evolved and expanded while providing holistic training to help adult learners gain access to further education, greater independence, and employment opportunities. Through networking and proposal writing, Pat has also raised funding to keep the Program relevant and vibrant.
'Relevant', 'vibrant', 'holistic'... stuff sounds great, Pat!

Paulette Chartrand Winnipeg MB
As Team Leader of an inner city Adult Basic Literacy Program, Paulette opens the doors, her arms and her heart to new immigrants and individuals who have slipped through the cracks of the education system. Her creative approach includes starting a choir, where students learn to sing in many languages. They also give free performances in the community.
Geeze! Another symphony! Wow, again.

Roy Burke Saskatoon SK
For 30 years, Roy’s passion has been to help adults read, write and connect to employment so they can benefit from being engaged in society. In addition to teaching, he started the first drop-in tutoring program at Saskatoon Regional Community College, established READ Saskatoon, and has instigated media campaigns to raise awareness of literacy.
Oh! Now I want a drop-in tutoring program. Roy, you da man (you media instigator you) :P

Diana Villeneuve Calgary AB
As the Calgary Public Library’s first Literacy and Learning Advocate, Diana develops new and innovative approaches to literacy, such as waiving library card fees for low-income adult learners and establishing a literacy community on the Library website. She also participates in national literacy policy development and is on the Board of the Calgary Reads Society.
Thank you, Diana. From all of us.

Liz Jimmie Chilliwack BC
Liz founded the Yellow Cedar Learning Centre, which provides a safe, non-judgmental environment for Aboriginal young people and adults with multiple learning impediments, such as addictions and a history of physical abuse. The program encourages learners to find an internal natural rhythm to help them focus on tasks and develop their thinking skills.
Internal, natural rhythm... wow.

So much music this year. Really guys and gals - it sounds super. I wish I hope you or someone close to you will write about and share some of your insights and reflections and learnings. Our country has such a richness of caring talent.

Well done and congrats.

But, let's be honest.

Awards are nice, but it's the work that satisfies. Right?

well, 'cept maybe for that media hound Royster!!

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