More Examples of Blended Learning

The North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium has created and archived, with the help of the National Center on Adult Literacy (as best as I can tell - I'm having difficulty following the providence) an online tool and discussion piece (link here) about blended learning.

The project is called Captured Wisdom™ On Adult Literacy. It present an audio visual presentation of learning/teaching projects and "featured teachers answer[ing] questions about the projects."

There is a project about Antarctica, a "Home Countries" ESL project, and a "Mars Project" (wherein "learners go on an electronic field trip to Mars"). There is a Restaurant Problem, a project called Intrepid Tales ("an adult learning class that relies on technology to help them publish an account of their field trip to the Intrepid") and another ESL project called "Creating Family Histories". Finally, there is "Presenting the Whole Package" where learners use business software and make presentations by developing personal electronic slide shows and professional portfolios.

It sounds impressive; not least because it is designed to help other adult literacy facilitators and their class use similar tools. In other words, this is a learning tool for facilitators - it's professional development.

As with all things multi-media, a hi-speed internet connection is needed to view the quicktime videos.

A note on an attached page reads: "As of September 30, 2005, the North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium will no longer be operating. Many of the Consortia parent organizations will continue to provide professional development, information, resources, and technical assistance to K–12 educators."

Too bad. What happened, I wonder? Was it project funding that ended? A shift in priorities?

In any case, I'm glad they left the resource on the net.

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