Old Fashioned Reading and Writing (Kewl)

I wasn't sure about encouraging learner blogging when I was prepping for this winter's classes. I hadn't found an alternative to Yahoo that offered email, blogging, avatars and more in one tight package. (Yes, I know that sounds like a shameless advert, but Yahoo! works for me, mostly, sometimes, kindda.) Nor had I reason to suppose Yahoo had solved its delivery problems.

I wasn't sure until two days ago when Rose finished a book about Martin Luther King Jr (part of the Grass Roots Press Activist Series I've mentioned below). Rose is an adult learner who wants to improve her reading and writing, and who was interested in doing things online. So, we set up a yahoo account, and she wrote her first post: a short opinion piece on prejudice. She wrote it out by hand, typed it in, spell-checked it, and set her font. We added an image of M.L.K., and she was done. "Cool!", she said. Or maybe it was "Kewl!"

They should not pick on black people because it is not right to pick on them. They have the right to be around too. You should not pick on anyone if you do not like to be pick on by people.

The next day, Rose read the first three books in the Romance Series from Grass Roots Press. When she was done, an online review-type post seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

So she wrote something out by hand, and typed it in. I copied the post into MS Word, increased the font size and line spacing, and printed it off. That way, we could read it together and she could quickly spot (and/or hear) the typos. She edited her post to a point where she was happy with it - style and grammar are learned by doing - and we added an image (cover shot of The Big Goof).

Short books by Linda Kita Bradky Sold by Grass Roots Press about people and trying to get someone to like them.

The Big Surprise is about Liz who is sick and the Big Question is about Pete asking Pam to scratch his back.

My favourite one of all them is The Big Goof. It is about some girl name Jen liking a guy name bill and she would do anything for him to like her. He did not like her at the first of the story but at the end of it he like her and they when out for coffee.

By the way, here's another review of the Romance Series reads; this time from the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning:

The Grass Roots Readers Romance Series
Grass Roots Press (2003). Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Grass Roots Press. Series of books was designed to provide simple text for adult students who are reading at or below a grade one level. Each book in the series explores a different topic using real-life photographs. Romance series includes three romantic comedies.

Despite the "spoiler" I think I prefer Rose's review.


Angela Maiers said...

Way to go, Rose! I will not ever forget my first post. It is such an accomplishment doing your first post-image and all. This is a great story-thanks for sharing!

Wendell said...

Thks Angela! I'll make sure Rose sees your comment.

My first post was completely forgettable! But I'm always way excited when a learner starts blogging. The pay off is just so... quick!