A year ago I made my second and third posts ever.... What's happened since then?

Some things I still haven't figured out. Geocities (I don't think it works, actually) and Technorati (I'm having doubts about that 'service' [?] as well) remain mysteries. Yahoo-owned Del.ici.ous (sp?) remains an underutilized for me (I was/am happier with Yahoo's Web 2, though I think it's another Y! service headed for the dustbin). I haven't devoted nearly enough time to the Quick Topic discussion space thingy, the ClutterMe web-page thingy, or the various "wiki" sites I might have contributed to. I've just begun learning about and their services: this one actually looks promising.

Some things are withering away despite my best efforts. Yahoo 360 is closing its doors (replaced by Mash). The CALP/CALN site hasn't seen traffic in 8 months. Facebook certainly isn't withering away, but it did go from boring to frantic without ever becoming really useful to me. (In all fairness, it's been useful to others in this field - I just haven't figured out how to utilize it, not least because I often work over a dial-up connection.)

On the other hand, MyBlogLog has been a steady, if limited, tool - they were bought up by Yahoo, but that's had minimal impact thus far. And Blogger, bless 'em, has never let me down!

So why don't I do everything on Blogger?

I think I might, somewhere down the road. Maybe next October. Blogger is slowly adding to its store of easy-to-add widgets, and there are lots of third-party widgets out there. I can imagine a blogsite with photos, a music player, a quick-connect friends network (maybe with IM), avatars from wherever, whiteboards, and clickable links to gmail (or whatever), Goggle Docs, etc., all organized around daily postings. Blogger's almost there - maybe there already. Configure the privacy settings correctly, and you'd have everything Yahoo!360 offered.

It could be complicated to set up. But if I could do it once, I could do it again with/for my learners.

Anyway... Here's what I posted a year ago:

Stepping Out A Bit

Hmmm... these Technorati folks say they can help blogs and bloggers become more visible. All I have to do is put a bit of code in a blog. Like so ....
Technorati Profile

Well, that was painless. Of course, so was the last bad bout of malware (at first). Keep your fingers crossed!

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Learning Math In Public

It's like learning math in public - all this blogging, web-building stuff.

I now have a Yahoo!360 site, though I'm unsure how to get the most out of it. I thought it might become a hub for contacts ("Friends") and a venue for writing and sharing. We used to do much the same thing with our class newsletter and the physical posting on our classroom wall. (We still have the wall posting - learner poems gathered under the banner "The Poetry House".)

I'm not sure what is happening with the CALP site (CALP being the name of the government sponsored adult upgrading program) since no one seems to be using it. This is curious since all the CALP classrooms were to have received internet-ready computers by now.

The "Journey" webpage on Yahoo's Geocities was meant to host writings from another community of adult learners, but I've forgotten (or never understood) how to edit and/or manage the thing. I keep getting dropped into a well of mysterious Java-run "tools" that are slow to load - as so much of Yahoo is these days - and act more like ads than editors.

Was math ever this hard to grasp?

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