Easy To Make Mistakes

One of the things I learned in my brief dalliance with The Study Place was how nerve-racking it can be to create even the simplest online learning tool. A simple typo - an inversion of digits or dropped capital - can frustrate or mislead learners, undermining the whole experience.

In theory, it's easy to create and share educational resources online. Maybe this 'ease of use' contributes to the number of errors in freely available resources, I don't know. I know I could often use an editor and some sort of (gentle) peer-review process. Or maybe just a sensible beta-testing period.

There are plenty of lists of educational resources on the web, but I know of only two sites that offer a range of reviews. NALD did a freeware / shareware software evaluation several years back, and it is still available. As well, the Samaritan House Training Centre in Manitoba did an evaluation (see their software link).

Of course, bigger outfits like AlphaPlus gather and create whole stables of accesible software tools, but these don't pop up when I google "clocks 'learn to read' tools". I'm not sure why that is. I suppose I could find out. Alphaplus offers a detailed list of online resources here, though they don't appear to be rated or reviewed. ... well, AlphaPlus is a big place, so maybe I should find out and then write more.

For now, I just wanted to say that creating online curriculum is hard, making mistakes is easy, and we should all remind ourselves that just because it's on a website, that don't mean its so.

By the way, according to the software, the correct reading of the clock pictured above is 6:35.

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