Let's Just Talk

The picture up there is from the website of someone who is all about a certain kind of communication. That's fine, but its not me.

There's a difference between blog traffic and blog readership. Each brings its own set of benefits and challenges. Readership interests me, but I'm not hungry for blog traffic.

I like the reporting I get through MyBlogLog - which I find easier to make sense of than, say, Google analytics - and I have a bit of nostalgia for it (my first "hey look at me I'm online" service).

But I'm letting go of Blogcave and probably won't be joining up with any other such sites.

I don't have any complaints. Blogcave gave pretty much what they promised. Swell bunch of people and all that. It's just that the emphasis among users - whatever the site's real intentions - is on promotion and click-throughs. My message board thingy is full of "I vote for you. Vote for me" messages.

Vote? I didn't even know I was running for anything!


awannabe said...

I agree, but somehow you have to drive traffic to your blog to get them to look. Whether they return or not is up to them. I acutally prefer blogcatalog over mybloglog because over there are forums and discussions where you can really get to know your fellow bloggers :-)

EeHai said...

I find that viewers mostly belong to many social site like MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog. As long as we have information to share, I believe any site is fine. It is the content sharing and learning from each others that make me happy about blogging.