(almost) 50 Below Zero

This past weekend, we were visited by Canada's foremost children's author, Robert Munsch. Mr. Munsch has published about 50 books - including The Paperbag Princess, Mortimer, 50 Below Zero and Love You Forever - which, all together, have sold more than 30 million copies. He came, at his own expense, to be part of the Bookwagon program and tell stories to the children of a public housing neighbourhood in Saint John.

On Saturday morning, in minus nineteen degree wind chill, Robert Munsch joined the Bookwagon program. The bookwagon is a small, hand-pulled garden wagon which follows a 3 ½ kilometer route lending books door-to-door. Over the past 5 winters, children and adults have borrowed more than 15,000 books from the wagon. At each stop where Robert Munsch met children, he made up a story about them on the spot. We had hot soup for lunch and swapped stories. Then, later that day, he told stories to the families at the local community centre.

For more on the bookwagon program, see my Curbside blog. :)

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