This is no time for a slow down!

Hey! What's up with this?

I'm away on vacation, and so could actually use a good networking site to stay connected with friends and fellow learners. But my site of choice,, isn't working for me.

Seems like its a bad combo of javascript routines on their end and slow connection speed on mine.

My perspective has always been that a service which won't run on slower dail-up is a service with built-in barriers. And, thus, not the service I want to promote among my learners.

More and more I think I'd have been better off to just introduce all my learners to Google blogger. It works. It's working right now. Look, I can post the picture I wanted to post, and wish everybody a Merry Christmas and stuff!

How good's that?

Oh, hey. In case I forget. Merry Christmas.

P.s., that's my folk's tree in their house in the middle of these fairy tale woods. What a country!

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