The dump trucks ran all night in the up-town area - the business district and high rent neighbourhoods. Even down here, where rents are more reasonable, I was woken several times by the back and forth of the loaders scooping snow. The streets and sidewalks had been cleared from the last storm. Now city workers were removing the build up from around intersection corners and islands, parking lots and parking meters.

The next morning I did Bookwagon. Here's what I found: on the third morning since the storm, the poor people's sidewalks had yet to be plowed.

I've blogged about this before on Curbside (here and, from last year, here). Sometimes barriers to literacy services and supports can be as ordinary and concrete as this.

And, you know? Nothing extra has to happen to remove a barrier like this. People just have to do their jobs.

Are there ordinary barriers you or your learners and families face? What would happen to them if everyone received the same quality of public services?

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