Literacy Talk from PEI

The Prince Edward Island Literacy Alliance has added a blog to its web presence (their main website is According to their webpage, the PEI Literacy Alliance "is an umbrella organization of provincial and national organizations with an interest in literacy" (full member list here). They promote, reflect upon and build partnerships in the cause of literacy in PEI.

They describe their blog as "the first Blog of the PEI Literacy Alliance" and add,"We are still learning about blogging and consider this Blog to be in its test or pilot phase."

Why blog? They say "to explore and open the discussion on current thinking on Literacy" and, to that end, they have a poll in the sidebar asking what topics people would like to read about.

Since I'm especially narrow-minded, I voted for the same things I always write about. Best that you go vote too, just to round things out.


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