Over to the Dark Side ("Luke... I am your Facebook Friend!")

Personally, I blame Brian Kelly.

He's the bloke over at UK Web Focus who has a "think of reasons to say yes" approach to webtools. He's not a technophile; not one of those people who love every New Thing. He is quite capable of thinking critically about things. But he seems mostly about finding out what can be done in a reasonable, sensible sort of way.

I think it was him who talked about having different kinds of Facebook accounts. I know it was him who compared Facebook and its annoyances to "Microsoft’s operating system" and "Microsoft’s little-lamented dancing paper clip". Facebook, he tells us, "will not be sexy... will have flaws" and will become a standard part of our computing lives, just like Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer. But, mostly, it was him who kept me thinking, "Maybe there is a way to use Facebook with learners who seem to want to use it anyway?"

So, I've gone over to the dark side. First, a few days ago, I created a second, more public Fb account Next, I introduced a learner to Fb. Then, I showed another how to use it as her main blogging platform (pictured above). Today, I walked a couple through their privacy settings.

Tomorrow, we've all got to have a serious talk about those "OMG forward this and see what happens!" posts.

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