Where Web 2.0 Divides

John Miedema has a blog post that sits on the edge of a fascinating conversation about "Library 2.0" and the place and use of technology in libraries. Specifically, it is about his perception that some Library 2.0 conversations are confusing "one slice for the whole cake" and "claiming the entire library turf."

As I stated in a comment, the post resonated with me because I often feel the tech-type conversation around web-supported learning (or elearning or 2.0 classrooms or…) has - by default - dominated blogging conversations about computer-use in adult learning.

Worse, I think its limited that conversation. At least, when people use the expression “personal learning environment” to refer a computer program, its my perception that they diminish the meaning of each of those three terms. But, on the other hand, if non-tech-types won't join the conversation to offer a different perspective....

John said, "I have a hunch that people are reluctant to say Library 2.0 is about technology because non-tech-types might reject it."

To a lesser degree, I suppose, anyone who feels their work-area is marginalized will resist “bounding the conversation” (John's phrase) just so the isolation doesn’t get worse. I have a hunch that John's hunch is right: people are reluctant to say library 2.0 or learning 2.0 or marketing 2.0 or anything 2.0 is about technology because non-tech-types might reject it. And, by implication, I suppose, reject them. I would guess it and they are already getting rejected.

In the course of exploring the conversation - John had some links and they had some links and... - I came across this librarian's post:

"It's long been an irritation to me that libraries have summer reading clubs. I want a library to have a summer non-reading club. You'd get points for using the various services and resources the library provides that don't deal with reading."

I was pretty taken-aback. Then I realized only a real feeling of isolation (and probably resource allocation tensions) could lead a librarian to rant about all those children reading books.

By the way, John's Slow Read web-address has changed. My links are up-dated, so you can get there from here and then bookmark anew. Or, you can just get there via this site all the time.

Com'on. Admit it. That Wendell, he's just a web 2.0 go-to kindda guy!

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