Your Google Reputation and Your Mom

Here comes the future
and you can't run from it.

If you've got a blacklist,
I want to be on it.

Waiting for the great leap forward.

~ Billy Bragg

Last Friday, under the sunny headline Your Google reputation could cost you a job, the Globe and Mail warned "Prospective employers have probably searched your name online", adding "are you happy with what they'll find?"

I thought about that for a few minutes. Did a quick vanity search. Couple of awards. Small time blogs. Some comments on a literacy site or two, a math site or two. Publications listed. Harmless avatars and some pics from work.

All stuff to make a mother proud. Certainly nothing that would offend any employer I'd want to work for. The Irvings would be pissed if they paid attention - but they're always like that.

Yeah, I'd be happy with what they'd find.

Then I thought about that. What does all that white bread say about me? What does it say about my moral courage and ability to be offended by injustice? What does it say about my political maturity and the sobriety with which I assume the job of citizen of Canada?

Well, enough about me....

The relevant Globe and Mail story is here. Notice that they, too, assume the only danger is to somehow offend white, corporate culture.

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