How Long Is This Ad?

I thought I'd found a fun math site. It looked a little scary, but not too bad. In fact, I took a couple of minutes to try to solve a 10-second math puzzle.

I know what your thinking. How could I spend two minutes on a math quiz that was supposed to be done in one-twelfth of that time?

Answer: load time. Load time exacerbated by InLine ads.

InLine ads are ads that pop up on top of whatever you're reading when your mouse passes over certain words. This small math post had one image and a mere 74 words. But 7 of those 74 were triggers for InLine ads.

The post was roughly 10% advertisements!

Eventually, they all loaded, my answer to the quiz (in the comments section) registered and, like magic, an 8th InLine ad appeared - this time within my answer.

Whoa, I thought. This isn't a math blog. It's junk mail.

So I left the site, and won't be back.

I may not know a lot about math, but I do understand ad-to-content ratio.

And I understand what my time is worth.


literacies publisher said...

Yes. One more under the "no free lunch" category. But what is the point. I now have a pretty good high speed connection and still all those flashing ads slow me down, freeze my browser and make my eyes ache. And those weird things that pop down when one accidentally scrolls over a word...aaargh! All this drives me away from countless sites that may have good content but who can tell in all the clutter. Perhaps the next step for web 2.0 is to develop advertising strategies and standards that sustain access financially, ethically and in terms of page design.

ReaLife said... want us to waste OUR time too?!? fortunately, i read your post before i tried it out - and then decided NOT to.


Hi Wendell.