The Beach

I had a new learner make good use of the P.R.A.C.E. books from Australia. (Their website is here.)

This learner read the story "The Beach" and then wrote a wonderful summary:

Julie said to Sue she does like going to the beach. Sue told Julie there is a good beach up the hill.

It was too hot to sleep so in the morning Julie took: her bag; book; food; towel; hat and walked to the beach. Julie at first didn’t notice that it was a nude beach. She went swimming and noticed the people nude and stayed in the water. Julie got wrinkled and thirsty.

She came to her senses and got out of the water and walked to Sue’s home. “Thank you Sue for telling me about the beach. It made me not shy.”

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adagiago said...

Hi Wendell.

I have just been recommending these books, also! They are good stories - and have the added extras of the CD, the vocabulary list, and the comprehension questions as well.

My manager gave me the 3rd series of these books, and they are the best reading resources for beginners that I have.