International Adult Learners Week

We had a pleasant IALW celebration at my public library. The library used the occasion to showcase it's relocated and refurbished "New Adult Reader" section. They also invited local literacy organizations to set up some displays. We set up one for our organization, Quality Learning New Brunswick (art in case, plus stand-up display).

The Mayor spoke. (He told us he'd been in the States, talking up the city and also Storytent. "They didn't know anything about it," he said, "but think it's a wonderful idea." "Hmmm..."thinks us, "Storytent training in California....")

Mr. Ian Wilson, Regional Director, Fundy Library Region, and constant literacy supporter, had some remarks, as did the library Board Chair.

Cheryl took a minute to thank the Greater Saint John Community Foundation, major sponsor of our "Women's Art and Literacies" workshop series. Items from that series made up part of our Quality Learning NB display (with Storytent and Bookwagon being the other big items).

I had a couple of learners on hand from my Local Adult Learners Group - well, actually, we were poking away at math and poetry when the event started.

And afterward? The adult learning just carried on.

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