The Reluctance

Are bloggers readers?

I mean, are the people who enjoy writing blogs also people who enjoy reading - reading blogs, reading newspapers, reading essays and books?

Are our adult learners who, for one reason or another, are not life-long readers, also thereby less inclined to write in blogs or in newsletters or for the pure pleasure of writing?

I can sometimes encourage writing for the sake of passing "the test" (whatever test that may be). But to overcome the reluctance to write...

Does that also mean overcoming the reluctance to read?

I know. I can't overcome another's reluctance - I'm using sloppy language here. Anyway, I was just wondering. Some things happened today - and I read some things today - that still have me thinking.

I was also sharply annoyed at another one of those meta-blogging ("blogging about blogging") posts on the Read Write Web about how blogging is over and so we'd all better join Friendfeed and Facebook and Twitter and MyBlogLog and whatEVer.


(No, I am Not going to hotlink.)

Instead, I'm going to send you to the Some writers just like to write post from the "Print Is Dead" blog. That post draws from a longer Guardian Books post on writing for the joy of it - a short essay that made some people very angry. Or maybe it just gave some angry people an excuse to be.

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