The Library Mouse

I thought it was a young mouse.

I mean, I know they all look small and zany and playful. But this one seemed especially young-at-heart.

We'd been reading and writing. Now we were waiting to go on the computers.

Louise was talking about poetry - musing aloud about a piece matching flowers to the days of the week. Louise often 'talks' her poems out before writing them. She takes a pollster's approach to writing, asking everyone the same questions in different, ever more leading ways.

I was answering her poorly, distracted by the little guy whisking back and forth between the glass shelf and the stacks. Nose wiggling. Hunched forward like a sprinter about to explode out of the blocks.

It ventured further into the open, stopping and staring up at her canvas arm-bag slouched on the floor by her chair.

"For me, Saturday flowers are Golden Rod," I insisted. "How do you feel about mice?"

"Oh, I don't like them. What about roses? Where do they fit? Is there another Fall flower you like?" And then, "What? Why did you ask about mice?"

A quick sniff at the base of the bag and then - whisk - back beneath the stacks.

"No reason. Look! It's almost seven. We'd better get over to the computers."


; )


adagiago said...

did you really take this photo? s/he's so cute! didn't your student notice you taking the pic?

Wendell said...

Oh. No. I found the photo via Google (hence the link / photo credit at the bottom of the post).