There They Go Again

I've been seeing more news about conferences and workshops on communication themes, and fewer discussions of research in practice.

Could this mean the pendulum is swinging back (passing, as it always does, through another round of strategy conferences and province-wide planning)?

It seems to work like this. Research leads to planning. Planning results in increased promotional campaigns. Promotion (inevitably of some "crisis", not successes) sparks calls for research. Research leads to.... You get the idea.

There always seems to be money to do these things at that rarefied university - coalition - provincial partners level. Mostly, I suppose, because it can be federally funded.

Education - practice on the ground - is a provincial responsibility, and chronically underfunded.

Well, the Province of New Brunswick has so many responsibilities (including, this month alone, $5 million invested in a golf course, $9 million invested in an Irving paper plant). We shouldn't expect wine and roses.

Just mind your heads while that ball of cash pendulums past!

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