Whither Science, History, Hope?

In the last few weeks I've met several people who think no one landed on the moon.

They think it was faked. A fraud. Something the Americans cooked up with the help of the television people.

I am... confused by this.

I understand mistrusting a bit of official history. I understand government trickery. And could understand someone's cultural or religious views helping them dismiss modern science or the claims of the mainstream press.

I mean, I've had first hand dealings with the press: I know they get things wrong oin purpose.

But this seems different. It's like these people are cut off from history. They know stories and parts of stories and rumours of stories - some true, some false, some entertaining, some boring. Then, through who knows what process, they credit these stories and parts and rumours as either "true" or "false".

It's like they play the odds. They ask, "Is this likely to be true?"

"Likely" seems to mean "like something I know."

In fact, that's pretty much the heart of it for some people I talked with.

Nothing they know makes them think people from the 1960s could ever have gotten to the moon.

And I really don't know what to say about that.

So I posted some footage from the Apollo missions - or the backlot at MGM - on my multiply.com site. Just because.

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