Literacies Journal - Spring2008

The Spring 2008 issue is out, yay! You can find online reading here. Purchase information here.

I'm pleased so see this issue - not least because they advertise this blog ("a lens that is hilariously grumbly and visionary *").

And yet... there is a deeply disturbing article that is, alas, extremely well written and convincing called Skills for Life in England, Wales and Northern Ireland or Be careful what you wish for.

The matter it raises is one I've been whining visionary about for years: involving government (or big business) in literacy funding means also involving them in delivery policy. Consider the public school system. It has stable multi-year funding, but it's also top-down managed by civil servants whose authority depends on their position rather than their competency in education.

Is that really what we want in adult literacy?


ballet girl said...

Read the article, Wendell - thanks for that. I'm not sure how far YOUR country is into this process, but I can sort of see where 'WE' fit on the continuum. And I can see how this happens. It's a thought-provoking article and worth a read, defintely. Thanks.

Angela Maiers said...

Great article, and I love this journal! Thanks for bringing both to my attention! Will definitely share!