After a month of uncertainty around funding and partnerships (a dark, discouraging time), we're up and running again with the Quality Storytents program, year six. We finished our fifth "winter" of bookwagon. I don't have all the numbers put together yet, but I expect to see the total books borrowed increase by another 3000 books.

Changes in the public housing neighbourhood have meant a reduction in users: the province is taking down about twenty buildings, relocating 70 or 80 families, in preparation for redesigning and rebuilding several courts.

Meanwhile, Cheryl and I have been writing - old school pen and paper, then off to the editor stuff. We've also been working with another community group that has space and wants us to help them create a static library for the community. They have also given us space to run an alternative adult literacy program on a volunteer basis.

As well, we've had the chance to visit two communities to present a four hour storytent orientation. In all, it looks like there will be storytent programs running in seven New Brunswick communities this summer.

On the web side of life, I've been experimenting with a QLNB news page and an online Storytent Schedule. I tried the Google page-maker thingy but it was just... awful! In comparison, Blogger is a wonderfully easy tool. It has cookie-cutter elements for almost everything an amateur like me could want, but also allows people to experiment with their own html-designed modules.

Anyway, I've had a month of traveling and writing and meeting and saving my pennies. Maybe that will help explain, just a little, why there's been no posting here or on Curbside for awhile.


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