Summer's End

wendell drydenHey.

How you been?

I haven't blogged much this summer.

Some of that was sheer tiredness. Beside spending 5 days a week with the Quality Storytents program, I tried to put in another 6 to 8 hours a week in at a community resource centre. Too, I have to confess to not eating as smartly as I might (I really am what I eat). And there were other, professional frustrations that... slowed me down.

There have been some really great things happening in the Storytent program. I hope to relate some of them over on the Curbside blog as I work back over my notes this fall.

On the other side of things - the frustrating and obstructionist - it seemed important to remain discreetly quiet. Public blogs are not always good places to vent or decry.

Anyway... there actually is some very pleasant news. After 6 years of mostly child-focussed literacy programming in the public housing neighbourhood (Parent-Child Mother Goose; Storytents; Bookwagon; Harry Potter Reading Club) we have been given free space to do purely adult literacy work.

We've always been working with adults in one venue or another - often in their kitchen or on their doorstep. We've done advocacy work, supplied high-interest low-level adult reading materials, helped people read letters and compose responses, and so on. But we haven't had anything like classroom space.

Now we do. It's a room, called the Reading Room, in the newly constructed Crescent Valley Resource Centre. You can see the pictures in the post above.

I'll tell you all about it, and some of the fun stuff that's already been happening, in a couple of days.


Right now, I'm going on vacation.

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