More Page Turners

Tonight I started my Core class. ‘Core’ isn’t an acronym. It’s what we call our class(es) dedicated to supporting adults working on their basic literacy skills. We believe that helping these adults is the ‘core’ - or, better, the heart - of our work, even if GED-prep or employment training brings in fuller funding.

Tonight three learners and I sat around the table and read aloud three books from the PRACE Page Turners Series 3 (the Yellow set).

My favourite among them was What?, a comic tale of misunderstanding between a doctor and patient. I also enjoyed Fresh Fish. Though the fisherman in the story doesn’t actually deceive anyone, it reminded me of my father’s saying “Believe a politician before a hunter, and a hunter before a fisherman.”

When we finished our reading, we turned to writing. I decided to write a blog piece on the books for my assignment. (In my class, everyone writes, and everyone sets their own writing task.) I asked one of the learners to take my picture, which caused a lot of laughter. What’s so funny about my picture, anyway?


balletgirl said...

My favorite of these 3 is Motor Bikes. This is also the one which I have found most useful for my students, because the men - especially the young ones - are pleasantly surprised to find a fun little book about motor bikes.

I'm afraid I avoid the 'What?' book - because explaining to the student what a syringe is, just seems a waste of time to me: it's not a word I feel they need to learn, when they are at this early stage of reading or learning English.

But I do love these books!

Wendell said...

I always have to explain "syringe" as well - in the picture it looks like a turkey baster!

On the other hand, the book offers that early, wonderful talking-point on punctuation: "Mrs Tucker?" "Mrs Tucker." "Mrs Tucker!"

Anne said...

Hi Wendell and others

As one of the authors of these books, I'm so pleased to see them being used.

We started making these books because we couldn't find anything that was easy and fun for beginning adult readers. It's great to see them getting used in other countries.