sleeping in a cellarful of snakes

Something else I do a lot is help learners with their Facebook privacy settings.

I'm no expert, and what little I know I've gotten from - or through - Nick over at If you're interested in learning something right away, Engtech explains Facebooks privacy settings in a nice post from early 2007 (don't overlook the comments). A more recent (though ad-heavy) post about this is on the CIO website at.

By the way, that's CIO as in Chief Information Officer, and not CIO as in the Zimbabwean secret police.

You gotta know who you're linking up with.

P.s., from The Waterboys. A kind of unofficial anthem for all high-maintenance social networking sites:

The dawn it is howlin' and the mainframe shakes
I feel like I've been sleepin' in a cellarful of snakes
My wings have been clipped and my shoes have been stuck with glue
Well if you'll be my enemy I'll be your enemy too

Now I've got goons on my landing, thieves on my trail
Nazis on my telephone willing me to fail
they were all sent by someone. Obviously you!
Well if you'll be my enemy I'll be your enemy too

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literacies publisher said...

a perfect 're-purposing' of a waterboys lyric!

(big fan back in the day)