Talk, trust, do Better

One of the best things that can happen to an adult literacy facilitator is to have the opportunity to review their practice with learners they trust.

I don't just mean "trust to tell the truth" though that's surely part of it.

I also mean "trust to be kind, to be fair" - "trust that the learner will know the facilitator really does care, really is trying hard." Also, it helps if the facilitator can trust that the learner understands something about the long-term process of "learning to read better".

It's been my good fortune to work with learners who are smart and kind and forthright. It's been my good fortune to be able to learn about myself from learners I find easy to admire.

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balletgirl said...

- sounds good wendell - as long as YOU are one of the standing statues and not the one that's knocked over!?!