Antivirus 360 - ha!

Yahoo was having troubles this morning. My email wouldn't come up. Curious, I did a quick advanced-search on Google, looking for posts put up in the past 24 hrs. I tabbed open a couple of sites and then whoops! Firefox went all small and snaky. The above pictured warning window popped up.

Antivirus 360 to the rescue? Not likely!

I wouldn't have been fooled in any case, but it just so happens Bill Mullins was on about this very pest over on his Tech Thoughts weblog. Bill provides my main go-to site for web security news. I probably check in a couple of times a month, just to stay current. (And, yes, I'm saying you should to.)

So, I pressed alt-ctrl-dlt to close Firefox, and immediately ran a Spybot S&D scan. Then I cleaned my cookies and temp files (from everywhere - not just Firefox), ran an AVG system scan over likely directories, and re-booted.

That was probably overkill, and the virus probably hadn't gotten beyond the browser cache yet. Still, I've seen this virus up close on two other PCs, and I don't want it on mine.

By the way, you can see by the similarities in the two pics below why some trusting souls might get fooled by this malware. The top one comes from the winXP Security Centre located on everybody's hard-drive. the other one comes from... well, Bill says Russia.

Anyway, while one PC was getting cleaned, I retraced my steps on another to see if I could find where it came from. Here's the culprit.

I don't know who Mr. 7.gppwgy is, but I'll not be calling on him again anytime soon.

And, if I can keep my wits about me, I'll make sure he never comes calling on me.

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