Big Science con't

I was forced to repeat the experiment for yet another non-believer.

The scribblings behind me are the more polished results of a long afternoon search for acceleration. I was struck, yet again, by how difficult science and math concepts can be before you "get it". We - the collective we - do a really bad job of translating and communicating even basic science.

Which, I suppose, explains why I'm up on a stool showing twenty-somethings that, no, heavy objects don't fall faster than light objects.

By the way, I'm no scientist or mathematician, and I wouldn't put too much faith in my version of how formulas for acceleration work. Thank goodness for books like this:


ballet girl said...

Wendell - Did *YOU* write 'con't'?

Or was that a typo?

ballet girl said...

oh BTW: i TOO would expect something heavier to fall faster!

(- with apologies to Isaac WAS him, wasn't it - the theory of gravity?)

Wendell said...

con't... gov't... dep't... I use all the devi't spelling forms with no colonial shame 'tall.