First Bookwagon of 2009

The first bookwagon of 2009. Yay!

Our work in the community has been shifting as the community itself has been undergoing changes. Last fall was a rough time in the neighbourhood. Besides the usual technical troubles...

... we lost about half our numbers when a large portion of the public housing community was torn down. Families relocated elsewhere throughout the city, and we stopped crossing Somerset Street.

You can see that the new route (in red) is significantly shorter.

As well, last fall, we reduced our runs to every other Saturday. We wanted to give time to building a community-run static library. As it turned out, the library hasn't been successful in the short-term, and our reduced wagon schedule appears to have cost us some users.

We talked about this during our last 2008 bookwagon, and again over Christmas. We've decided to go back to doing bookwagon every weekend. We're making the library as user-friendly and self-sustaining as possible, and we still believe in it, but we need to dedicate more hours to keeping and rebuilding our wagon clientele.

Build on success. Find what works. Do more of it.

That's the only way community literacy work can succeed.

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