Slow News Day?

Have you seen this man?

He claims my blog is worth more than 3 grand. Great! says I. Sold! But now he's not returning my phone calls. Salesman, salesman....

In other news, Capstone Publishing recently acquired the Heinemann-Raintree and Pearson suite of nonfiction titles. (Capstone already encompassed a number of individual companies, including Coughlan, Compass Point Books, Picture Window Books, Stone Arch Books, Children’s Library Resources, and Red Brick Learning.) I'd like to think this will make book purchasing easier, but I don't know. At least we won't have to remember as many names.

Oh, yeah. And there's a... release? re-release? re-mastered release? ... of 5 year old adult literacy data in the U.S..

Deseret News, Salt Lake City, writes: "According to the latest interpretation of data collected in 2003, more than 92 percent of people 16 and older in Utah can read a newspaper. That number is slightly higher than a National Center for Education Statistics study showed in 1992. "

Astounding, eh?

I don't mean the literacy levels. (Who knows what that means!) I mean that anybody is still talking about data that was collected during George W's first term in office. CMD Media (publishers of three weekly community newspapers in New Jersey as well as online news) calls it "a recently released federal study." Really? Recently?

Hmmm... Slow news day all around, I guess.

I'll try to do better tomorrow.


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