The Web is Wide

A merit to free sites and web-tools, apart from economy, is that it doesn't cost much to walk away from them.

"I'm Leecy, a digital immigrant" it said in a new post on my site. What? No I'm not! What all this?

Then I realized what had happened.

I hooked up with a group blog through my Google blogger account, becoming a temporary "co-author". Now, because of a default setting somewhere inside multiply, other people's posts from that blog are automatically getting imported into my site. I did not ask for that to happen. I asked for posts from three other blogs to feed into multiply, but I did not ask for this. And, frankly, I'm too tired of multiply's "do, don't ask" default attitude to take the trouble to try and puzzle my way through multiply's settings yet again.

So, I've posted a quick good-bye to Rean, Myka, Raine, Nhu Tuyen Vu, and everybody else I've connected with on the South Pacific rim (so different from my North Atlantic, Canadian cold!). Sometime this week I'll make sure there's nothing of mine unique on that site. Then I'll close it up.

The Web is wide. I am tired of Multiply. I'm taking my ball and bat, and going home.

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