Just A Note (but not simple)

Yesterday a learner wrote a note on a family member's Facebook wall.

It was, I think, the first time they'd ever done that.

What a simple thing it seems - posting a note on someone's Facebook. And yet...

There was the uncertainty about what to write. Not uncertainty about writing - the desire was there - just uncertainty about what to say. We looked at some of the notes on my and my friends' walls.

Then there was all the starting and stopping and retyping. They worked on notepad first, just so nothing got sent by accident. We checked the spelling together. Then they cut and paste the final text into Facebook. Beginning to end, it took about an hour.

"Is that a good note?" they asked?

"Sure. What do you think? Is it a good note?"



What a simple thing it seems. And yet...

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Valerie said...


I got an error message when I tried to post a comment, so I don't know if this got eaten or not.

I found your blog through a comment on an opinion piece in the Star by Carol Goar.

I'm a volunteer with the Halifax Community Learning Network.

I love the moments you're describing!