Audio Books for Fun and Learning

I read (and posted) another portion of the NB Driver's Handbook.

You can just make out it playing in the Classic Media Player while a learner listens through her button-phones and reads along in her book.

She's tells me it's helpful. Still, it's been slow going for me, I'm afraid. Long, passive sentences of highway rules and safety tips.

However, making these recordings made me mindful again of how much I enjoy audio books.

So, I skipped over to my friend the Internet Archive and, from there, found LibriVox.

Here you can play or download classics or texts that have entered the commons. You can listen to Mark Smith's entrancing reading of The First Men in the Moon [link], though - fair warning - the end is heartbreaking. I'm midway through a delightfully English reading of another Wells classic, War of the Worlds [link].

Martians, high adventure, the sad loss of brave friends... stuff like that could make even the Driver's Handbook bearable.

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