Bring Me That Horizon

Sounds romantic, doesn't it. Sadly, I was heading the other direction. This was just one morning in a string of mornings (17 of them to be exact) when I started the day already behind.

That evening, passing the same spot, I was treated to this. There was live music, and it would have been lovely to stop and enjoy an alpine, maybe look up some friends....

But I had the next morning ahead of me, so it was home and into bed.

Our community literacy work is always harder - more demanding of time and effort and cash - than the adult literacy and GED prep work I do through the winter.

Partly that's because we lack the core funding that allows us to put and keep an infrastructure in place. This year, with the storytent program, we also have the challenge of working in four distinct neighbourhoods. That means figuring out the practical details of ensuring materials are stored on-site or near at hand. It also means building relationships with new families and partnering orgs. We also received some corporate sponsorship this year, which exacted its own toll in time, effort and expense as we went through a period of negotiations and then a staged media event. Then there's my adult learning group... slightly derailed by domestic violence (sigh).

Yeah.... Do bring me that horizon.... Or at least a day at the beach.

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