Storytent Bean-Counter Stuff

The Quality Storytents program is in full swing.

We are averaging about 12 children per session, and have met about 140 different kids (of whom 122 registered with the provincial library's Summer Reading Club).

There are currently 72 girls and 67 boys registered - showing once more that boys enjoy reading as much as girls.

Of the 122 children that have registered in the SRC, 69 (57%) show up regularly.

Measured on a per visit basis, the total units of service are 489 (443 children and 46 adults). This number (which doesn't include children or adults using the Bookwagon) is a decrease from last year, which we more or less expected since we've started two new sites this year. Still, it's only a decrease of one person served per tent.

Tent attendance ranges from 3 to 28 children and adults, and we have delivered 38 of a possible 39 tents, including a 4 hour tent at Crescent Valley Community Fun Days. The one cancellation happen when our materials were inadvertently locked away and out of reach.

Since June 24, Storytent participants have borrowed 562 books (excluding Bookwagon borrowing) which is more than double last year’s 203 books at the same point in the summer. This increased borrowing - and increased borrowing of chapter books - is a development we will be watching.

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