Learning Democracy - the Sale of NB Power

We were making progress.

I was slowly helping them move from saying "I hate taxes" to "I wish the tax system was different." I was helping them stop saying "I hate the government" and replace it with "I wish someone else was in government."

We were making progress away from monarchy-thinking, from the idea we're ruled from some castle on a hill, toward democracy-thinking, the idea people choose rulers who are answerable to them.

And then this happened.

Out of the blue, our government decided to sell-off the bulk of New Brunswick's energy resources and properties to a group outside the province and beyond New Brunswickers' control.

What's going to happen with the long term power rates? What's going to happen with nuclear energy and the disposal of nuclear waste? What's going to happen with green or renewable energy sources and innovation? What type of chemical will be sprayed along the transmission lines to kill back the brush?

Who knows. Someone in Quebec, I suppose.

Someone in that castle, ruling us from the hill.


Maybe it'll all work out. But, you know, it sure kicks the legs out from under anybody trying to argue that voting matters or democratic governments are answerable to their citizens.

Oh, and these guys were no help! Look at their front webpage from this morning. How's that for a statement of principles!?!

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