Putting The Black Castle Online

Hokay... Here's a test.

I've put the Black Castle (a completely hokey reading level 4ish story in six chapters) up on my Skydrive (MSN Live) as a PDF file. The idea is that anybody who wants to can grab it - download, since Skydrive doesn't have a built in screen-reader - and use it in whatever way they see fit.

The terms of use read: "This work is provided free of charge for others to use, copy, modify or redistribute provided these terms of use are not changed."

I'd appreciate any feedback about whether or not this Skydrive / pdf idea works before I upload any more resources.

Thks. :)

UPDATE: When using Firefox (rather than I.E.8) to download or save files from Skydrive, an underscore ( _ ) appears in the filename. Firefox users may need to change the .pdf_ to .pdf in order to open or read the file. This can be avoided by not having spaces in the filename - something I fixed with a 2nd upload.

(Also did some other housekeeping when I realized the .PDF file was opening with the wrong title - The Battle - and with someone else created as author! Yikes!)

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