Tired, But I'm Working, Yeah

Yo, folks.

I am still blogging. I'm just not, you know... blogging.

Mostly, I blame the Alphaplus gang. They keep saying "Try this..." and "Look here..." and "Read that..." and now I'm, like, eighteen posts behind.

Secondly, there's been some good stuff happening and some bad stuff happening, all of which would be inappropriate to blog about right now. (You know how that is.)

A third reason for not posting is that I'm busy with the prep work and re-writes and other "putting-stuff-together-for-learners" activity that has come out of some thoughts and conversations I had this summer about supporting "Level II" learners - those learners independent with reading-level 6, 7 or 8 materials, but not yet able to navigate conventional GED prep materials.

And then there's been a little bit of this:

and a bunch of this:

More tomorrow or the next day. :)

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