How To Encourage Adult Reading

Read the newspaper, read magazines, read books. Read whatever appeals to you - but read! Regular, daily reading is the best way to improve your reading skills.
The Gage Canadian GED Study Guide Series
p. 11

So, I woke up early a few days back, rushed down to my local semi-independent bookstore, had a coffee and a brownie for breakfast, slid four pages of a catalogue across the counter-top, and said "I uant une unv uvurthung."


'"Urrry" *finishes chewing* "I want one of everything. But I don't want the hassle of ordering the stuff myself. I'd pay you a mark-up if you'd look after this for me."

"There's a lot here...."

"Yeah. It's about 650 dollars worth. Do you need the money up front?"

"No. Let us look after it."

And they did.

It was another half hour or so before the Scrooge McDuck side of me woke up to what was happening. At which point, he could only say, "WwhHat-kchack-stahack!!! Jrrusck-thrassckt-ishck!"


And then, the day before yesterday, the order came!


The bookstore gave them to me at cost - i.e., with no mark-up - because they're supporters of adult literacy work.

And the books look Very Nice indeed. There are some Quick Reads, a variety of the lower-level Oxford Bookworms Library series, some more books from PRACE, and, well, a bunch more.

Then, yesterday, three learners each took one of the new books home to read. Every one of them said, in some form or other, 'I don't like to read' and every one of them said, in some form or other, 'This one looks like it might be okay.' Oh, and all three of them are parents, which means they will be modelling reading behaviour for their children.

It is so freaking easy to support adult reading. It is so Easy!

All you need is
A) a variety of quality titles and topics at various reading levels [see Grass Roots Press and/or New Readers Press]; and

B) a willingness to lend books.

Mind you... it is not always cheap or cost-effective to support adult reading. But that has to do with personal and social choices, and that's a blog topic of a different order.

(Hang the rich.)


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