Learning To Drive - One Good News Story

One of my learners who reads at a lower level came in the other night and said, "I got my driver's permit. I passed the test."

Really? Oh, that's great!

"Yeah, I wrote it again."

How did you do it? What happened that you were able to pass this time?

"Someone went with me to read it."

Yes? You mean read the questions?


I thought they read them to you last time.

"Yes, but this time I passed."

So, why do you think you passed this time?

"I listened to the tapes again and again."

The tapes?

"The tapes you made me."

Oh! The mp3 files of me reading from the book.

"Yeah. Sometimes I listened to them when I was at work. Then I went and wrote the test and passed."

Yay! Is it okay if I tell people about that?

"Of course. They can use the tapes too."

Original story here. The "tapes" contain parts of the New Brunswick Driver's Handbook, which is available online here, have been read aloud and saved as .mp3 files in my Windows' Skydrive folder. (Be aware of the underscore issue if you download into Firefox 3: you may need to rename the extension. More here, at the bottom about that.)

Side note: this noteworthy adult-learning success can't be registered or tracked using NB's performance accountability tools. We have ineffective tools, and everybody in the field knows it, except those civil servants who authored them and then imposed them upon us.


OzGrace said...

WONDERFUL! you are a blessing to your students. be proud of yourself.


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