Things I'd Like To Remember

Gets dark early now.

I was walking home in the dark the other night, heading for supper, when somebody beeped and waved from a parked car.

It was too dark to see much beyond the waving, so I stopped and peered in. The passenger window came down, and there was...

Hi, Wendell!

Damn... thinks I, She was in my class! But what was her name?

It's Britanny!

Right! Of course. You were, um...

I was working on my GED.

Right! Did you, um...

Oh yes! I'm in university now.


Yes. I'm doing fourth year psychology.

Well. That's great!

See you later, Wendell.

See ya.

And it is great, you know. I mean, psychologists do all sorts of interesting things.

Like helping old people with their memory.


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